“Blog on Blogs”- excellent educational example of weblog use

Blog on Blogs, a Weblog Review does double duty as a great resource for getting a handle on weblogs and a wonderful example of using blogs in an educational context, a New Media Studies course:

This project is collaboration produced by the students of the Fall 2003 Introduction to New Media Studies course at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. The purpose of the project is to provide concise reviews of examples of several different “genres” of weblogs.

Seeded with a visit by weblog scholar Dr. Jill Walker, Blog on Blogs outlines the nine factors that instructor Scott Rettberg had his students frame their “blogged” reviews of other weblogs: Indentity, Design, Content, Time, Linking, Blog Roll, Inbound Links, Discussion/Comments, and Audience Analysis.

The students’ blog reviews are organized into categories of ‘Classic Bloggers’, Comics Blogs’, ‘Digital Culture Blogs’, ‘Fiction/Writer Blogs’, ‘Food Blogs’, ‘Group Blogs’, ‘Persona Blogs’, ‘Photoblogs’, ‘Political Blogs’, and ‘Stockton Blogs’.

This is an excellent example of using the media (a weblog) for a compelling student assignment about the same topic (weblogs). More so (to me) than creating say a PowerPoint about blogs, or a Word document about blogs.

Blog on Blogs, get it? Like BlogShop?

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