See the Pictures of ‘Net Pioneers

No centerfolds but… for those that enjoy the history of how the Net unfolded, if you could not get enough of “Where the Wizards Stayed Up Late” (a great read by the way), check out “The Faces in Front of the Monitors”— this is an alphabet listing of those wizards, many with multiple photos. This is on a site labeled “White Hat-Black Hat-Grey Hat, a reference to hacker jargon for bad guys, good guys, and the grey area in between (well at least that is what Amazon.com inside book searching got me)

So if you have an aching curiosity to see who the players were on the BBN IMP Team (and you should!), check ’em out (scary beards). Or maybe you are craving an icon of ARPANet team and internet visionary, J.C.R. Licklider, check ’em out.. Or maybe you can find your geek hero at an almost teen age persona, check ’em out or as an alternative, find out how your open source ground-breakers fueled their development, check ’em out.

Thousands of images, it seems, check ’em out.

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