Metadata for weblogs– blizg

Go ahead, try and pronounce it… Blizg – The Blog Resource.

Blizg is a blog index that focuses on metadata. We want to promote the use of metadata in the blogging community. We’re also excited about finding new ways to use metadata that will create useful connections between and among blogs.

It does offer a helpful service. If you register a weblog at Blizg, it has a web form you can use and it will build you the meta tags to out in the <HEAD>….</HEAD> section of your main blog template that provide information about your blog, location, country, language, description, copyright, etc..

I had the geographic location from geoURL but that was all. Now I have a few more.

One major limiting hitch with Blizg is their limit of one blog URL per domain, leaving out anyone who has a Radio hosted blog http://radio.weblogs.com/xxxxxxx They better get around to fixing that!

According to my Blizg profile, these blogs are “similar” to mine:

funtongue scatterplot
My Wishes Weblog
life from an l-shaped desk
Urban Scrawl
ADRIFT [i wanna be sedated]
Boogie Church – it’s like a blog, only boogier

Sites like this do provide an interesting window to some obscure blogs, e.g. the “geographically close” neghbors include:
spastic yak somebody’s diary, what they ate for thanksgiving, shopping stories, obligatory cat photos….
A Simpler Way, Evo Terra. Herbalist, educator and aimless musician
Retards.org Nathan from Tucson appears to be a computer geek and into music, some it may not be all that legal. Check out his charm and duct-tape phone.
VeganPoker “a site dedicated to my ramblings about playing poker, living a vegan lifestyle, and whatever other random thoughts stumble out of my head.”

There is a place in the world for everything!

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