“Denounce Newswire: All the News that Never Happened”

Satire is a high form of art.

(that was supposed to be satirical). Someone once told me, and I believed them, that satire comes from an ancient word that meant “to cut flesh.”

Well, that means that DENOUNCE NEWSWIRE: All the news that never happened is the king fleshcutter for faked PR news:

not looking for a reliable, accurate website for computer industry news, there’s only one place to go:


All fake. All the time.

This stuff is riotuous. I got here via a dive into mark “b-link” to a “denouncement” on foaf project fizzles, a groovy spin on acronyms and personalities. And then I saw I had clicked and linked here before to National Kidney Foundation Donates Office Space to Macromedia, Inc.

But then the irony sunk in when I followd the About Denounce link:

Denounce was started in 1980 on the PLATO system at the University of Delaware as a satire of =announce=, the system notesfile where users could read about PLATO system changes, outages, new software installations, new features, etc. Prime candidates for satirization. =denounce= was inspired by another humor notesfile on PLATO called =grapenotes=.

Now how about this? I was an undergrad at UD in the early 1980s (yup, I was a “Blue Hen”). But weirder than that, I did have a part-time job (maybe in 1982?) where I helped grade and tutor students on the PLATO system. I was certainly not in deep enough to be aware of Denounce’s activity, but now paths cross again.

Irony, not as fun as Satire, but still good.

And check it out, Denounce has Jobs.

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