X Marks the (Jade) Spot


It is in the building… not only that, it is on my desk.

“It” is a brand new Apple XServe, and soon will be home to all of our MT blogs as well as hosting some experimental eportfolio services as well.

“It” is a 1.3 GHz screamer replacing an old 500 MHz PIII currently hosting this “jade” server. The server is slim and sleek, though quite a bit deeper (like 2 pizza boxes!) than one might guess just looking at the pictures.

“It” will take a bit of wrestling to get up to speed, as I am less of a server geek than most others. First of all, was getting a more proper version of MySQL running although I am still fumbling with how to get it to start up with the server. Done, sort of. Then there was getting a dump of the mySQL data from the current version on sucking them into the new one. Done, it is all there.

Then there was a bit of rummaging with the apache settings file (using the OSX GUI controls never seemed to do the right thing) as the server docs and CGIs are sitting on the second 60 Gb drive. Somehos mangled the PHP settings and got them back okay. Then there was some weird bumblings with MT and it not finding the DBD::mysql libraries. Really fumbled with trying to get the right installed, I think this one helped.

Then there will be moving all the server and blog directories over, and likely tripping up on permissions and changing the MT server path settings. Not done.

Then there is trying to get the MTBlacklist plugin to work- something got snarfed in the copy over. Not done.

Lots of cussing. Folks in the office are steering clear of me today.

More to come. Moving a house is painful enough, a server is a whole nother matter. My plan is to have this done before this dog closes up shop Dec 19.

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  1. Oooh. Shiny. A little jealous… Everyone’s got an XServe but me… ;-(

    I’ve got a high-powered graphite iMac on my desk as a test server… Not brushed aluminum, but it chugs along…

  2. Steve,

    I do not run any web servers from my home- all the servers I work on are on the network of my college system, a pretty robust network.

    There is no real reason to have a personal web server at home; there are literally thousands, tens of thousands of web hosting providers who can run the server for you. If you really are dead set on having your own box, there are are providers that can “park” your box on their network. (I have a small personal web site with my own domain that is hosted elsewhere, but I can do rpetty much on that server anytthing I can do with this one, expcet for taking a photo if it).

    Hosting providers have much higher speed connections than you could ever get, good ones have redundancy, etc.

    It’s not really worth it to try and hook one up to a cable modem, unless you are just playing.

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