Conversing with Symantec E-mail Virus Bouncebacks

This morning’s unwanted, unwarranted, un-necessary e-mail virus bounceback count = 127 mass deleted.

Let’s talk with Symantec’s email message, sent personally to me:

From: Symantec_AntiVirus_for_SMTP_Gateways@xxxxx.xxxx.xx
To: alan.levine at domail.maricopa.edu
Subject: A Virus Was Detected In A Recent Email You Sent.
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 23:03:57 -1100


Well, hello. How about do not bother writing me either?


An email you sent to an address on this server contained a virus.

Oh dear… Oh my… Wait a minute, how can you prove such an accusation?

I have attempted to repair the virus infected attachment, but if I could not, the attachment will be stripped from the email.

Oh, Symantec, you are valiant, my hero, your effort is, well, saintly.

I suggest you go to here for support:


I suggest you go to here and add your own entry for wam-blasting people with messages like these for whom it is technically impossible to send this virus.


Heck, it even says so on your own web site:

NOTE: If you do not think that you sent this email message, then it is probably the result of a virus replacing the “reply-to” and “From” addresses in the email that was infected with your email address. This is common behaviour of recent viruses, and therefore you could ignore this email.

Imagine that! Do you think that happens more than once? Like every minute? Don’t you would think sense for a software company to address this rather than the small possibility that some poor slob is out there manually sending email messages?

Listen you stupid POS software- I definitely did not send any such message. It is a impossible for any of my computers to send this message because I do not use Microsoft based systems for doing any email or downloading activity.

So thanks for wasting my time deleting these superfluous messages, and my employer thanks you too for eating up productivity time in our organization.


Awwww, just go away, willya?

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