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How Shapers of Your Future Write

Ahhh, there is nothing like literate, thoughtful email feedback… if only it happened more often than Arizona blizzards.

For more than 9 years, we have gotten a stream of emails via our free, online Writing HTML Tutorial, most coming from lesson 12 where we teach you how to write a hyperlink that triggers an email. At the time, I had the naively bright idea to provide a test link that opens a blank email message that is sent to me, so for the past 9 years, I get almost daily feedback from almost every internet domain you can think of. We have organized the more than 3300 responses in a place that generates 10 randomly at a time many of them small vignettes of what people can do with a little bit of self-inflicted knowledge.

But back to today’s inbox, comes this coherent message from a youth at a local high school:

i really dont think i should be doing what the teacher wants me to do because i dont enjoy this mcli stuff at all so i throw a paper at mr [xxxxxxxxx] he says cut the crap out or ill keep you in for lunch what a punk im at [xxxxxx] high school

This is our future, are you as re-assured as I?

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