As I write, my G4 TiBook is evolving from a Jaguar (wow, no links left at Apple)to Panther. I was getting worried about those messages every few days warning that iChat was going to expire. Then I heard about the Mars sim program Maestro that was supposed to be awesome, but on Mac required OSX…. hmm while waiting, maybe I will pop it down to this PC…

All fingers are crossed given some of the troubles that can happen on an OS upgrade– usually I wait a bit for a shift, and prefer to do a clean install (wipe out the drive, start fresh)– but since I was willing to go that route and might anyhow, I aimed for the “Archive and Install” method. It would be nice not to have to reinstall all software, redo all the settings, etc.

This gives me the chance to blog from a PC. No major difference. You do got the 4 little buttons in IE that allow basic HTML-izing.

Strike 1: “There were errors installing the software, please try again”.

Later… now we are moving through disk 2. Looking good so far.

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