Tell John about Do Not Call

About every three-four works, my non-friend John leaves a message offering his services from “Credit Foundation of America”. His recorded voice has a faux concern about why I have not called him back regarding their debt consolidation services (did I ever tell anyone I needed this? noooooo. Do I now John? Noooooo. Why does he call me? I do not knoooooooow.

Well, “John”, I did not call you but registered 4 -5 complaints on the DoNotCall site which has gotten me nowhere, nor has a web complaint to the FTC. Now I find from some digging that “John” and his sleazy other johns get away with this somehow at claiming non-profit status. Jim Loy offers a solution to get them off your back, but talk about your roaches?

Call the number 1-800-315-0041 and when you hear the options press zero. They do not indicate that pressing zero will connect you to a live person. Once that person answers, tell them that you have a complaint about the phone calls, ask them to place you on their internal do not call list and then get the name and extension of the person you spoke with. After 48 hours, your number will be removed. Now if they call back, document the call and who called and then inform the FTC. This company can lose their non profit status for harrasing customers who do not wish to be called.

Sorry John, you are going to have to bother some other victim (soon). I am eager to hear that pleasing sound of one more roach (named John) crunched under my boot.

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