Pachy-ing it Up in The City

Doing double duty with the Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference (Tues-Thursday) and a Pachyderm Project meeting in San Francisco (Wed-Friday).

I read today in a tourist mag, that only out of towners refer to this place as “Frisco” or “San Fran” and that the proper local name is “San Francisco” or “The City”.

The New Media Consortium has assembled an awesome group of educational and museum collaborators to build what should be a revolutionary tool for building elegant content from learning objects. Maricopa is not an official member on the grant funded projects, I am just riding on the coat-tails of others, standing on the shoulders of giants, etc.

The past few months has been a torrid pitch of developing user scenarios, converting them to requirements, and sorting through all of that to reach the specs for the software. The final requirements docs are more than 100 pages long, and is going to make the road map for programmers very easy to follow. At the same time, tomorrow, we all get the first crack at some live authoring with a beta version set up by master techie D’Arcy Norman and other Canadians tinkering away up in Calgary. Apparently, it has taken some magic voodoo to get running the same version of Pachyderm that has been put to good use by the folks at SFMOMA.

The first published screen featured a spaghetti embossed face of D’Arcy’s son. More content to be linked!

We are all rather stoked to begin playing with the prototype as well as to start developing the second generation Pachyderm, where there should be a WYSIWYG authoring interface.

Yes, the elephant flies.

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  1. Are you really in SF this week? Let me buy you a Belgian beer in a hidden neighborhood or show you dog walk heaven. My number is 415-285-6185. If your schedule is packed, maybe I can pay a visit to AZ this summer. I appear to be heading to Santa Fe for a conference and might drive.

    pat delaney

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