Pat and the Official Blog Welcome

Maybe minutes after mentioning I was in San Francisco for a Pachyderm meeting, I was contacted via em-mail and then iChat by Pat Delaney who offered to meet up and show me the sites off the tourist beaten track. This was great,a s was hearing some of Pat’s work at Gallileo High School, the Bay AreA Writing Project, and his recent stories of being “Shanghai-ed”.

twinpeaks_view Following a drive over the shoulder of Twin Peaks for a great downtown view, we headed out ti the coast, Fort Funston, a retired military post now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Besides having great views of and access to the beach, this place is dog heavem- a huge off-leash area where all kinds of dogs are free to play as dogs are intended– well except for “Hero” an airedale ?? who took after after another dog despite his owners’ cussing and running.

Dogs will be dogs, after all.


The beach view is quite spectacular and I would be a regular here if I lived in the area (assuming my mysterious, unknown, rich uncle left me a large inheritance ;-)

From here, it was a short drive for a beer and another ocean view from the Beach Chalet, a refurbished VFW hall in Ocean Beach- its entry hall features 4 walls of murals of classic San Francisco city scenes by Lucien Labaudt.

The beer and view upstairs were marvelous, only slightly marred by a waitress who managed to dump a bright red margarita on my jeans. Oh well, it got us a table. Then it was off for some food at Chao on Church and Market, where Pat and I had overly enthusiastic discussions on blogs and learning objects that it forced the man at the next table to move across the room.

Oh well.

It was great to make the in-person connection with a fellow edu-blogger, so thanks Pat for making the effort.

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