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Dan Sez Bloggers Need to Get Out More… So I Did

Actually, my weekend adventure was not influenced at all by Dan Gillmor’s post One Reason Bloggers Need to Get Out More , but I thought I would not give him credit anyhow ;-)

Getting out is good for the mind, soul, and body, so Sunday morning, from our escape hideaway on Strawberry Arizona, I mounted my mountain bike and cruised down the forest road to the bottom of Fossil Creek Canyon… oh, I forgot to mention that the vertical drop in 5 miles of road is a bit over 2000 feet! Going down, was, well a breeze, coming up was… well a grind. But purifying.

See some of the pix and even a little video clip! Got to keep the balance going of blog, dog, and Sunday, a whole lotta cog.

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  1. Hey Alan,

    Nice photos of Fossil Creek. I love that hike. It’s my fave in all of AZ. How in the world did you video the ride with both hands on the wheel? I was waiting for a wipeout.

    I’ll be hiking FC in two weeks. Can’t wait.

  2. The video was taken with my digital camera, Olympus 4040, and I held it in my left hand and my right hand on the rear brake. I was actually going slower than it appears, the last 10 seconds when it got really wild was not as much the wild ride as that I let the camera fall (strap around my neck) and grabbed the left brake too!

    Enjoy the hike, it is heating up out there. Don’t leave anything of value in your car at the trailhead- it is the biggest theft spot in the area.

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