“Pam Te” Project: Laptops to Chiapas

My friend and colleague Donna Rebadow, teacher extrordinaire at Paradise Valley Community College, is spearheading an effort at “Bridging the Digital Divide”. As the Pam Te Project, she is hoping in June to travel to Chiapas Mexico, with a load of donated used laptops to support the education of Mayan students:

There are 60 young, indigenous Mayan Indians studying on the college level in different universities in Mexico. They struggle to get by on their scholarships of $100 a month.

Living conditions are very poor and they are not eating properly. No one complains as they are dedicated and committed to helping their people with their education.

We will take your laptops to these students in Chiapas this June so that these young people can use them as word processors.

They are looking for donations of used, older (or newer) laptops. Visit the project site for photos of the conditions in this part of the world.

Then be sure to ask Donna if she is packing her “red” shoes (inside joke).

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  1. When I taught a philosphy course in a northern Chiapas high school for a year, the best students were from the small communities in the back country. They were more focused and driven in comparison to the ‘Landinos” who were born and raised in the town. Wishing them the best of luck on this venture.

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