“Woe is Me” and MT3

Oh the wailing and despair that is bleating across the blogscape about MovableType’s announcement of the fee$$$$$$$ for MT 3.0. I’ve not bothered too much as I prefer to wait until the dust settles, but I am reading of mad rushes to rampage, rapid switches to other platforms such as WordPress, Bloxsum, heck, maybe folks are running to Blogger. Yes, the pricing / features at the low end for us little folks looks dismal, contorted, and well, it is does not seem designed for ME. And nothing is chiseled in concrete.

But just a minute– It is not like any of our beautifully running installations of MT 2.6 and earlier will suddenly blink out or self-destruct in 5 minutes, Mr. Phelps. This insane rush to upgrade or jump seems awfully…. hasty. Sure down the road, there are going to perhaps be compelling technical, feature reasons to upgrade or switch blog platforms, but there is nothing wrong with staying where you are at. MT 2.X still works, eh? It’s not broken, eh?

So my strategy is to wait, perhaps there will be a different strategy handed down, as a reaction to the public tar and feathering that bloggers are applying to SixApart. Maybe it will be time to try something else. Maybe, but I cannot find a compelling reason to do anything different now.

Upgrade when there is a reason to, not just because something just came out. I’m a stickin’ and publshin’ with 2.6, and that is ok.

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  1. My upgrade to Blosxom wasn’t just for the sake of upgrading – our MT server is running just fine with MT – I just needed to experiment a bit to make sure we’ve got some options.

    I’d used Blosxom before MT, and prefer it in many ways. It’s a whopping 15K of perl code. Compared to MT with its libraries, extensions, plugins, etc… ;-)

    I’m in no rush to move the rest of our blogs to any other software (and the best candidate sounds like WordPress, which won’t do what I need for some time anyway).

    Actually, my problem isn’t with 6A charging for their software. I have an awful lot of paid-for commercial software on my systems (heck, I’ve even written some in previous lives). My problem is with the perceived change in the rules, which we are kinda powerless against…

  2. HI there,

    I noticed that they have a link for educational pricing — (other kinds of pricing). I’ve sent MT a note to find out what it is.

    Given that we have a lot of weblogs running — if their upgrade results in better management and admin tools, etc…. I am not too turned off (yet) at the thought of paying something.

    I’ll let you know what I find out!



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