Holy Blog! What a Wiki! Together

Holy _____! Over at Open Artifact, Randy Brown has neatly sewn together a neat package: phpWiki inside and integrated with his new WordPress blog, so it more or less operates as a cohesive site and sharing the WP database.

It addresses some of the issues of trying to tie into wikis which typically have their own rather stark interface and contextually void navigation.

I now have a wiki which makes use of the existing CSS rules I use within WordPress; it fits nicely within that interface container. ewiki makes use of one table and it is housed within the WordPress database. With some additional mods to the underlying PHP, it should be capable to create a tight integration between both wiki and weblog functionality; making use of the same user authentication scheme is the first need which comes to mind.

The new features, add-ons, and ideas popping out in WordPress (and no plans or desires to pay for MT3, goodbye soon…), has me thinking about what I’ll be tinkering with in July and August..

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  1. I thought WordPress only allowed one blog per installation. Wouldn’t that be rather limiting in the Community College environment? Particularly when MT will continue to work (albiet without upgrades).

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