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Mmmmmmm Mighty Mud Mania

Thanks to our 4 day summer work week, I had today free to volunteer for Scottsdale’s Mighty Mud Mania, a 21-year old event that draws more than 10,000 kids to romp through obstacle courses full of gooey mud. It began in the 1970s as some promotion for a cleaning product, but has grown to be a mammoth event every July. It is a kids dream- to have permission and encouragement to get filthy.

I spent siz hours helping the 6 and under kids slither through the mini obstacle course, and am still picking flecks of mud from…. well forget about it. Rest assured, it was a fun day for not only the kids, but their parents, and just about every other volunteer covered with mud and smiles.

In looking it up, saw a nice way to spread news stories via a Google News Link: — by tomorrow, the news will have included the recap stories from our two major local news papers.

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  1. How come all the news channels taking pictures all day didn’t post any with their online articles? I can’t find a single picture of the kids playing in the mud this year.

  2. I agree that the coverage was skimpy, and most was before the event. the AZ Tribune had the muddy portrait shots:

    The city is also rather lame in using photos to promote their event.

    I would have taken my own, but I was rather in the mud and no place for a (or my) camera.

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