Phone Cam Fine Art: SENT


Taking place in Los Angeles starting July 10, 2004, SENT brings perhaps your cheesy phone camera snapshots to a level of fine art? Images will be invited to be submitted by the public.

It looks like it may be too let to send your phone snaps, but stay tuned to see the results.

SENT will be the first major exhibit of phonecam art in the United States. We’ll explore the camera phone’s potential as a creative tool in two ways: through an online public dialogue in which amateur photographers and phonecam users around the world share mobile snapshots of their lives; and through an invitational exhibit in which professional photographers, artists, and public figures test the limits of creative possibilities offered by these hybrid devices.

I think it is a cool idea- yes the technology and photo quality are limited compared to some of the newer 8 megapixel digital cameras, but that is the creativity of working in a limited media.

Found via the Flickr blogthere is a lot going on over there, been a few months since I “flickr-ed”. They have many new tools and features and this new concept of flick, mix, and blog with Fliccker and Feedburner.

Looks like I will be diving in deeper with Flickr to use for image holding, as I have plans to translate our MovableType Blogshop to one hosted and about blogging with Blogger. The free version has no image loading capability.

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