ecto-ing from a PC

I am just testing the Windows version of ecto, the MovableType desktop editor. I am offering it to our newbie bloggers in the interest of making it easier for them to edit their Ocotillo Action Group blogs..

It is about the same as the Mac version, different panes, buttons in different places, and the buttons for the HTML seem a little more simple to use (though I am in passionate love with the Mc version… I would blog 40% less if I had to use the web interface). The preview alone is worth it, not to mention the user definable shortcuts, setting multiple categories at your whim, the image uploading tools…

And boy am I excited to see the new Pantherized version in the hopper!

This is a draft in Rich Text editing mode. One can switch from Rich to HTML and back indefinitely…
Note the highlighted square in the corner of the attached image. It’s the resize knob to give users basic control over the size of the image. To control more options, double-clicking the attachment will reveal the attachment settings sheet.
There’s not really much to it, I guess, but it should make writing blog entries a bit more easier, especially for those who don’t care or know much about HTML.

Cannot wait!

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