FIPPers Go GaaGaa for ePort

It’s energizing to have an eager workshop audience…. today I demo-ed our Maricopa ePortfolio system for the new interns in our Faculty In Progress Program (FIPP). After a presentation on portfolio-ing by one of our experts from Mesa Community College.

I showed them a mocked up fake ePort, and then we just created new content on the fly.

They were ecstatic at how easy the system was to use, yet flexible to be a container for a wide variety of content types. Every time they asked, “How would you do ______?”, there was a feature to answer them. Yup, it can be archived to a ZIP and put on CD. Yup, you can restrict portfolio pages by password. Yup, you can change the page colors at any time.

And they really liked not needing to know any HTML to create this content. Sweet.

As an experiment, I had asked my colleague, Eric, not a technologist, to add to the “fake” eport– the only instructions I gave was to log in, yet he was very comfortable in creating new content, editing what I had written, adding new linked documents…

This group was excited, so I am hoping to see some nice portfolios fill out over they year-long internship.

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