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IndyJunior – maps of travels per year

It’s been a while since I updated my data files for the nifty Flash mapping app- IndyJunior. This application reads coordinate data from an XML file, and maps locations and current geographic location.

Check out the CDB travel maps for 2003 and 2004.

By turning the template for this MT page from a *.html to a *.php, I was able to create a year by year IndyJunior map, and a menu to switch the data files for different years. It is a matter of creating the location.xml files with names according to year, locations2003.xml and locations2004.xml, and then making the new index.php page be able to build a menu from an array of available years, and spit the appropriate year into the OBJECT tag parameters.

Oops, I see I need to get a newer version of Indy- lots of new features! Makes me want to learn more Flash (if there were such a thing as a leap Month)

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