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The Weeks Prep for “The” Canyon

Completely irrelevant to technology… but I am in a 3 week physical ramp up in preparation for a Grand Canyon backpack, 3 days, 2 nights down the Hermit Trail. I’m getting my 2-3 day a week bike commute, some good weekend climbs, like Camelback Mountain.

The park service issues lots of dire warnings about people who have died on this trail. Sounds enticing ;-) From experience, they tend to err on the side of rabid conservatism in dealing with under prepared hikers. For canyon hiking, the biggest gap is between one’s over-estimation of their abilities and under-estimation of the terrain.

By the way, here in Arizona we refer to it just as “The Canyon”, not to be confused with any of the other hundreds of spectacular canyons I’ve walked – Aravaipa, West Clear Creek, East Clear Creek, Fossil Creek, Oak Creek, Secret, Walnut, Sycamore (at least 3 of ’em), Paria, Buckskin Gulch, Salt River, Boulder, Roger’s, Fish Creek…

In fact, on the drive north, you climb up “The Rim” (“Mogollon Rim” is the 1000 foot drop off at the edge of the Colorado Plateau). However, you do not stop for some food in “The Flagstaff”, just “Flagstaff”- but you may just in fact get a big juicy hamburger at “Bun Huggers” (and in fact, their burger is called “The Hug”).

These tips just may save you from sounding like a tourist if you ever venture out here. One more time…. “I am headin’ up The Rim to hike the The Canyon, stoppin’ in Flagstaff for food, probably eatin’ The Hug .”

Anyhow, that is why i am not blogging September 17-19.

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