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Doh! Simpsons Writer Coming To Speak on Pop Culture

Wednesday night, the Simpsons are coming to Maricopa!

Writer Mike Reiss is coming to give a lecture on “Simpsons Mania: Behind the Scenes with America’s Favorite Family”:

Culled from more than two decades of creating the funniest and most outrageous shows on television, Reiss’ presentation is a unique glimpse inside the cutting edge of entertainment, including rare video clips from The Simpsons. He takes audiences inside the lives of Springfield’s first family, revealing how The Simpsons was almost cancelled before it hit the air, secret trivia of the show, insane dealings with network censors, and lots of gossip about celebrity guest stars. Reiss also delves into the current state of television programming, describing with his characteristic wit why TV is so rotten and what steps need to be taken to bring the medium back to life.

poster0405_sm Reiss is the first speaker in the Honors Lecture Forum, a series our office helps coordinate that supports the Honors programs at our colleges. The theme this year of “Popular Culture” is defined by the National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, and we bring in 6 speakers who give public lectures plus they spend the day visiting Honors students at two of our colleges.

The planners have done a great job this year in the selection of speakers, and we are expecting this first one to be a full house at Phoenix College. I’ll be there at 6:00 PM for the pre-lecture dinner (the speakers get to mingle with a select group of college honors students). I’ll let you know what Marge and Homer wear and how the donuts taste ;-)

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