Reusable Ideas, not Objects: Pop Culture Bingo

More on the MLX front. An item that came in recently got me thinking more so about the value of reusable ideas- sure it is great to have some complex, engaging Flash animated do-hickey, but what great teachers have in great volume, and worth sharing, are smaller gems of great re-usable teaching ideas.

So take a spin to the MLX and look up Pop Culture Bingo created by Analicia Buentello (Estrella Mountain Community College).

I like to start the first day of class with an icebreaker for students to get to know each other. My ENG 102 class is centered around pop culture, so I decided to ask questions to test pop culture literacy. The sheet also serves as a contact sheet for students should they need to contact a classmate.

I start the class as a game show and issue nametags. I tempt my students with a fabulous prize if they are the first to complete the pop culture bingo card.

Once students receive the bingo card, they move around the room and try to find people who know the answers to the questions. When they find someone who knows the answer, they need to have each student sign their sheet and provide either a phone number or e-mail address. Students can not use the same name twice or provide answers on their own sheet.

There’s more, but I’ll ask you to visit the MLX packing slip to see it ;-) Analicia has included the “object”- a simple Word document that has the bingo card she recently used. This is something that is on a technology level simple, but on an effective activity level, priceless.

Isn;t this where the focus ought to be? Not on the Las Vegas giant flashing mondo objects, but small, reusable ideas? Again, do me a favor, and send Analicia some comments or Trackbacks via the MLX packing slip

Now, I have some work to do on this trivia, e.g.

What is the name of Bart Simpson’s dog?

What name is rapper/actress Dana Owens better known as?

What House is Draco Malfoy a member of?

What was the first video played on MTV?

(Hey, I do know that last one, I watched the entire first year of MTV, missed a few classes…)

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  1. Bart Simpson’s dog’s name is “Santa’s Little Helper.” – can’t wait for the next Honors Forum!

    Dana Owens is better known as “Queen Latifah.”

    Draco Malfoy is from Slitherin House.

    MTV’s first music video was “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

    All without Google. Sad. But true.

    I promised you an MLX package and I’ll make good on it during this race. Somehow. Even if I have to stay up past midnight… oh, dear, look at the time…

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