Okay, 14 readers took the time to try the goofy, meaningless survey I posted as a quick demo of using phpQuestionnaire.

The survey is open, and I have set this one up so the results are publicly viewable:

What was nice was that I could tweak it in midstream based on the early feedbacks that said the font was too small and they did not like all the items being mandatory. I could have in one stroke flipped the formatting by setting a different template too.

The results? Meaningless? Charming? 1/3 read the blog from the web site, and 2/3 read from RSS reader or Bloglines. Only one person knew the dog’s real name (no it is not “Biff” or “Alan”) but most folks knew my bike ride was about 10 miles.

The best ones were responses to question 6:

If you were describing CogDogBlog to a colleague, how would you describe it?

Another inventive use of the internet , from the creative mind of MCLI’s web wizard? Something else to distract me from writing tomorrow’s lecture on digital cameras?

A really well trained dog who can teach you some lessons on learning philosophy and technology!

techie stuff that could be useful for education

interesting must have in your RSS-reader

A frisky sort of weblog, rather sarcastic, lots of typos.

I like that last one, it might be my new tagline 😉

And someone asked:

If you had the survey tool project to do over again would you make the same decision and why?

Oh yes, it works great, has lots of flexibility, and I am going to be rolling out heaps of online surveys this year, adding likely pre-workshop expectations and post workshop evaluations online for one thing. Our first real use will be a public survey for one of our programs that supports adult learners.

I am in love with the software. Of course, I have only put it mildly through the paces, and need to look deeper at its expoert features.

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