Ahh, and end to the lack of blog labor for an extended Labor Day weekend in San Diego. Over there, the refer to us invaders from the east as “Zonies.

Some highlights included:

  • Excellent Mexican food at a little place in Blythe, CA (we drove out the LA way to visit family south of Riverside) called La Plamosa Cafe- off the beaten track of the fast food exit stops, good home made tortillas and a carne asada taco that was heavenly.
  • Not such a highlight was all the traffic non stop Friday night. Where are all these people going? (There must be a Go Dog Go reference here)
  • Away from the mainstream beaches, nice time at Silver Strand and Imperial beaches,
  • Lunch at Tin Fish on the end of the Imperial Beach pier (hey, there is a food theme to this weekend!) Yum, swordfish tacos, and great chips. The folks there really hustle up some good grub.
  • Not doing much else but relaxing with friends in a regular working class neighborhood.
  • Gawking at the Imperial Sand dunes outside of Yuma, AZ. Out of this world, giant sand piles, pushed by wind, under stark blue skies. Scenery used for Star Wars shoots.
  • P8071311 A stop in Dateland, Arizona, for a world famous Date Shake. Seriously! An oasis on the middle of a stark desert. Yikes, more food, I swear I did more than eat for the last 3 days.

Among others was not reading email, not blogging, not…. well you get it. Sure a pile of stuff waits on the return, but if you do not unplug once in a while, you can lose track of what is real.

Like good fish tacos.

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  1. I am a huge fish taco fan. It’s all I eat on the few times I can make it out to the west coast. People around here in land-locked ohio don’t understand a good fish taco.

  2. Two elements are critical in my experience:

    (1) Fresh fish cooked perfectly. Often they have too much breading, or fat, or they just taste bland. Yuck.

    (2) The perfect sauce. Most of the fish tacos I have tried in Phoenix just have drab sauce; the ones I had last weekend had it perfect.

    I’ve not really had a good one on P{hoenix, so Ohio would be a tough act ‘-)

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