Based on the descriptions elsewhere, in addition to the web bookmark service Furl I am starting to also use the social bookmarking site – the latter for its rip-mix use of free form “:tags” to collect bookmarks made bu other (sidebar, I enjoy “furling” sites but do you say “” a site?). In addtion to these, I also toss new sites into a collection I’ve been compiling since the mid 1990s, our “Bag of URLs”.

I like using the one click bookmarkley/browser bar tools provided by furl and (you can add a site to either collection with one click on your browser toolbar), and I even cribbed a tool for my own use on our Bag site– this nice thing is that highlighted block of text from the page in view is transferred to the description field (for our bag site) or furl’s “clipping” field.

These tools make it a snap to add sites without a lot of fuss.

The problem is that I have three different sites that I want to add bookmarked sites to, and I do not want to run through 3 tools.

So playing around this morning, I experimented with taking the JavaScript code for the three different tools, aligning them for their use of the same variables, and rolling them into one. It works!

So my three existing tools are:

javascript:d=document;t=getSelection(); void(''+escape(d.title)+'&u='+escape(d.location.href) +'&c='+escape(t),'furlit','scrollbars=no,width=475,height=575, left=75,top=20,status=no,resizable=yes'));furlit.focus();

bag drop
javascript:d=document;t=getSelection(); void(''+ escape(d.title)+'&url='+escape(d.location.href)+ '&descrip='+escape(t),'_blank','scrollbars=yes,width=620, height=480,status=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'));
javascript:q=location.href;p=document.title; void(open(''+escape(q)+ '&title='+escape(p),'delicious',%20'toolbar=no,width=700,height=250'));

And rolling them into one long tool, color coding to match to the originals…

javascript:t=getSelection();d=document;u=d.location.href; <span style="color:#c00">''+escape(d.title)+'&#38;u='+escape(u)+'&#38;c='+ escape(t),'furlit','scrollbars=no,width=475, height=575,left=75,top=20, status=no,resizable=yes');</span><span style="color:#0c0">''+escape(d.title)+ '&#38;url='+escape(u)+'&#38;descrip='+escape(t),'_blank', 'scrollbars=yes,width=620,height=480,status=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes');</span> <span style="color:#00c">void(open(';jump=close&#38;url='+escape(u) +'&#38;title='+escape(d.title),'delicious',%20'toolbar=no,width=700,height=250'));</span>

Here is how it works. When I find an interesting site, I use my mouse to highlight the chunk of text that is a good description (it helps to do a command=C to copy this in case the site is nested in frames), then click my “3post” bookmark tool. What I get are three windows that pop open with the info allready to submit to Fuel,, and furl- I can then select categories (furl), or add tags ( and submit.

For example, if I stumble across, say, the web site for the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction, I can select the one line description, and click the “3post” tool and I get 3 pop-ups (good ones ;-):


So with one click, I can “furl”, “”, and “bag” a site.

Some notes for the nosy coders..
(1) Because I use Safari, I have to use the t=getSelection() to get the selected text from the page’ other browsers might need to use t=document.getSelection().

(2) note that you need to remove the void(.....) around the first two calls to window openers- if you leave these in, you lose the value of some variables (?)

Your mileage may will vary ;-)

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  1. Hey Alan! That’s very cool!

    I have one question about the drop bag link: What happens if I submit a site that’s already in the bag?

    Glad you got to build a new toy today instead of squish roaches over and over again.


  2. Right now it is not checking on the contents to see if one exists when it is entered. But all submissions go into a holding bin until I can review them, so I am the filter.

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