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Back in Action (the photos are 404 for now)

Just returned home from 5 days of being a sightseeing fool up and down the Rocky Mountains following last week’s EDUCAUSE conference in Denver.

I’ve got a big of pile photos to flickr up, but it will be delayed following a harrowing experience having accidently leaving my digital camera at a restaurant in Colorado Springs, and not hearing from the restaurant until we were way up in Boulder. Thankfully, a friend there is express mailing the camera to my office.

I’d given up for lost photos from Idaho Springs, the Tommyknocker brewery tour, the “Oh My Gawd Road”, Georgetown, the Cog Railway ride to Pikes Peak, and the awesome sunset at Garden of the Gods. Missing will also be today’s excursion to the fabulous Estes Park and Rocky National Park, likely some of the most breathtaking scenery I’ve seen in a while. Whew!

Back to work tomorrow, digging through the dreaded email backlog, fixing web site errors, and cleaning up (well regular readers know what I spend much time cleaning up).

And it is 3 days of breakneck catchup and get ahead work before Friday’s departure for Auckland, NZ….

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