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Volcano Types Diagram
Volcano Types Diagram
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Volcanos are often classified by plotting their degree of “explosiveness” (y axis) and height of the erpution column (x axis)…. the largest and most dangerous eruptions have high values of both. Roll over each type for examples.

Note- this example is here is purely for showing how flickr can be used to create “hotspot” learning objects…. my geology knowledge is extremely rusty!

Want to create a simple “learning object” (whatever you believe that means…)? Flickr offers a slick, little known means to add “hotspots” to images, so you can create labeled diagrams, or document a process where parts of the image can be labeled by notes that pop up.

I saw this recently in something Brian shared that shows a flickr image that through this method, demonstrates the process for making a pie.

At first I missed the significance, as I thought it was just the pictures… but when you follow Brian’s link to the flickr image you get more than the image- it is annotated with hotspots of descriptive text when you roll the mouse over a region of the image.

I just rolled this quick example together, using an image I had created for our Writing HTML tutorial, dusting off the geology cobwebs, it is a graph used in introductory geology to help classify volcanos. When you roll overthe image in flickr, you get short explanation or detail related to the region of the diagram.


This is done easily in flickr when you edit a photo, and click the small icon for Add Note. A region is added to your image which you can drag to resize and reposition over a part of an image, and then compose the note associated with that image.

Hotspot type diagrams have many uses in learning- e.g. identifying parts of the nervous system for an anatomy and physiology class, diagraming a sentence structure for English, clarifying composition for music theory, illustrating the location of engine parts for an engiineering class… on and on.

How many of our course management tools offer a simple hotspot tool? Too busy ‘managing’….

Flickr may not be the be-all tool for creating so called “learning objects”, but anyone can quickly take an image and add annotation to it. Object or not, it is yet another cool layer of flickr.

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