Internet Scout Spots Our FlipSite

Their vision is far and reaching at the Internet Scout– I’ve been getting their reviews of web sites for at least 5 years.

I just got a notice that they recently featured a blurb on one of our sites, the Interactive FlipSite— this made me laugh since I think we created this in 1998, most likely created in Director 5.0. It simulates a faculty member of ours flipping a coin once every 5 seconds for a year– actually we created a pre define data set of randomly generated 6 million plus 1’s and 0s each representing a different flip.

The trick in getting the current flip was to calculates the offset in time from the current date and time from January 1, and then find the appropriate data in the giant set. There was a bit more trickery to set up tools for running queries and experiments on the data. It was so long ago I can not really member how it works, but it is still running.

It looks pretty cheesy to me now, but I do get a little boost that an old site developed in old technology can still be used.

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