So this is Denver… It is not secret, but the Denver airport is an entire city unto itself. You get off a plane, get on a train, hop on a boat, cross a mountain… and then wait 40 minutes, praying, for your luggage. Then, you find out the airport is so far east of the city, you think you are in Kansas.

But I am not complaining.

Apparently the number of people coming into town for the EDUCAUSE conference swamped SuperShuttle (“our next van will be here in an hour”). But outside are plenty of other operators, and once the drive realized he could not hawk the last open seat on the van, we were on our way.

But I am not complaining.

Big hotel, free high speed internet.

I am definitely not complaining.

The electrical outlets are are installed upside down. I did that by accident in by house, but it seems deliberate.

Why complain?

Met up with Brian last night to strategize our workshop drink Fat Tires. We laughed at the number of typos in our presentation stuff.

I am absolutely not complaining.

Some free time this morning before our afternoon workshop, and then the conference launches tomorrow.

Maybe then I will be complaining.

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