Ocotillo Spotlight on Media Services

Another arm of our Ocotillo is the Spotlight on Instructional Technology where we try and highlight once a month an interesting use of technology at each of our colleges. We ask a rep from each college’s technology group to provide text and photos for a story, but sometimes it just takes a long time to pry it free.

For October, it was worth the wait. We just published Phoenix College Media Services: Better, Stronger, Faster (Now with IP Link) (does anyone hear music here???) where Cherly Colan and Mike Poplin describe how they have used IPLink to remotely control, configure, and troubleshoot any piece of classroom A/V or computer technology.

Check it out…. lots of pictures, screen shots, even an animated GIF showing how text messages are sent to technicians when a device is lost or disconnected from the system.

I was very pleased that they chose to highlight a good use of technology to support faculty and students… sometimes people think we only spotlight what is going on in the classroom not what goes in behind the walls, etc.

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