Well the boys are in town… John and George are on their way to Tempe (no this is not a Dead Beatles reunion, it is the other John and George).

After their shindig at ASU, I am counting on meeting up for some drinks at the Billet Bar in downtown Scottsdale and then maybe up for a good ole time at Rawhide Western Town, where they can join the shootout acted out in the streets, do some Gold Panning or take turns doing “Arrest a Guest”.

Maybe they’ll stop by my place and we can toss back some cold ones around the pool in the backyard.

Other then that, streets are randomly closed, classes cancelled, small airports closed, most workers went home early, and a media circus is on the ASU campus wired and wireless out the wahzoo, and bellying up to the bar.

I forgot, what is this all about?

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