Bb-igfoot: Are there More than Blurry Photos of ePortfolios?

Despite a lack of clearly focused photographs, there are some out there clinging to firm beliefs in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. I get the same sensation trying to get a clear picture of Blackboard’s ePortfolio functionality.


Some messages of inquiry about the legendary beast in question bounced around the AAHE Electronic Portfolio Action Committee. As much as I believe in the concept of Blackboard’s content management system, and see how it provides a platform for potential eportfolios, I am left Google-less in actually trying to find one I can see. Is the only one out there the one Bb snapped for Lisa Smith?

Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Maybe they cannot be seen outside the Blackboard fence. Maybe they are all un-published. Maybe Bigfoot and Nessie have munched them all. I just do not know.

I am not slamming Blackboard’s technology or content system, but more that there has been talk of this for at least a year, and I cannot even find one blurry photograph to believe in. If I was running a corporate site, I would stock it with a pile of real concrete examples.

Now about those alien landing sites….

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