Hey! Ease up on the Wiki Clicks!

I might have been a bit premature to share the wiki links for my New Zealand workshops. Apparently the server here got rather overwhelmed with traffic, because it was pretty much unusuable during my workshops down south at Manukau Institute of Technology.

At 10:00 am I was pretty much up the wiki without a paddle… until I realized that the day before I experimented with loading all the wiki content to a server back in Arizona. Brilliant! I was saved! I did lose some of the additions I made last night, but I was much better off that trying to describe a wiki and content in words only.

Be careful of living and dieing by the wiki ;-)

Please do me a huge favor– if you are interest in looking at this wiki content, please hit my Maricopa mirror:

It has all the same content (though I need to make some minor updates about 9 hours from now). That way I can use the best of what bandwidth they have here.

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