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Playing with Flickr Cut Outs

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Another one for the Cut Outs Flickr Group — emphasizing the blue door in this shot in Rawena, NZ. It was really the color of the door that caught my eye while enjoying a “flat white” at the cafe, worth setting off as a “cutout”??

Still, it takes a sharp eye to find the puppy.

Following one of jill’s links landed my in the Flickr “Cutouts” Technique Group.

This is YACTAF (Yet Another Cool Thing About Flickr)- a group allows you to contribute photos from your own collection to a group pool (via your Organizr tool) which has a layer on top of it a discussion board.

So here is where Flickr does it again- provide a forum to share image editing techniques, a gallery to show off the products, a forum to exchange ideas…. voila! Could this be one of those so called “Virtual Communities of Practice” that the academics crow about? Nahhh, those tend to be ghost towns- this is closer to how a real community happens, informally, in public spaces, wihout sanction of authority, quasi-spontaenously, between interested parties…

Okay educators, it would not be much of a stretch to think how you could wrap this inside a learning context. Maybe a collection of images of difficult calculus problems, and discussions of solutions? Or perhaps a place where physics students would post images of their robot projects and others could provide suggestions? Think of any mixture of images of a topic plus a discussion layer and mix it across the net!

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