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Arizona… Believe It Or Not

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Arizona... Believe It Or Not
Arizona… Believe It Or Not
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December 4, 2004 and it is snowing up at our cabin in Strawberry, Arizona. Yes, believe it or not, Arizona is not just shifting sands of Arabian desert, certainly not here at 5600 elevation.

Just returned from a delightful extended weekend at our cabin, and we enjoyed watching about 4 inches of snow fall on Saturday.

And another celebration– I’ve turned pro with flickr– meaning I am paying a few bucks a month to get 1 Gb of upload power, unlimited photo sets, and the pleasure of supporting a cool technology.

I am kind of picky about technical services I will pay for– ecto is one software I have found worthwhile shelling out for, and without a doubt the folks at flickr have earned my respect and dollars.

The only limit now is time to pick photos. But hey, now I am a P-R-O!!

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