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Last Day at Work– a Present!

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A Present
A Present
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My last day this year in the office, and there is a new present I ought to be playing with… replacing a 2.5 year old G4 Powerbook with a shny new…

Today is our last official day of work until after New Years. Trying to take care of some year end wrap up, catchup on 1000 other projects, and then this happens! I was not expecting to get a new laptop, but when the boss says, “We have some extra funds– should we upgrade your llaptop?” what else would be the response?

My current workhorse, 1 MhZ G4 laptop is fine, but is also at least 2 years old if not more. Given my track record, getting a new one means that in a month, Apple withh announce a breakthrough in a new technology (G5 laptop??) and I will be owner of a new old computer. Oh well.

I dislike upgrading, moving content, re-installing applications, but it looks like my last project of the year…

Thanks to the elves that brought me the box!

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