MLX Package Receives Feedback from Indonesia

How refreshing it is to catch some comment feedback that is not spam. Package #1463 Areal Weighting with Thiessen Polygons was created by Water Resources technology faculty member Lisa Young:

a brief tutorial that demonstrates the procedures for determining areal weighting from point precipitation gages using the Thiessen Polygon Method.

While I have no clue what this is, apparently a colleague in Indonesia found it useful, and left this comment:

I am a lecturer of principles of Meteorology at DIploma Program RS&GIS, Geography Faculty, GMU, Indonesia.
Your flash file of Poly.Thies. has shown clearly about the method. I have used it in class. It iwll be good if the layout is made better and clear/more interesting. Thank you before

That pretty much balances out cleaning 1000 spams of phentermine flaff.

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