I got a not so notice photo mailed to me form the city of Scottsdale. They took an unflattering photo of me doing 36 in a 25 mph zone. In this modified scan, I am seething red at being caught by these machines designed to extract money from citizens.

Well, my portrait arrived in the mail, courtesy of the photographers in the white vans marked “Scottsdale Police”– I got nabbed doing 11 over on a street where I know the photo radar hangs out, but my mind was wandering.

I decided to scan the not so great image, and it appears that the photography is able to capture my mood at the moment, flaming red mad.

Since this is public record, I am now getting mail (post box spam) from all kinds of scammers offering “get out of ticket” schemes and offering to sell me $40 license plate covers that hide people from photo radar.

I’ll be paying my dues next month, 8 hours on a Saturday in a Driving School Class.

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  1. You drive a VW? Looks like a Beetle?

    Sorry you were nabbed. My husband successfully fought Scottsdale on one of those, and he managed to avoid the ‘spam’ from the public record issue. Ugh. Hassles.

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