Sigh, No News From Phentermine Spammer

Well it has been 3 days since I yelled out “Hey Phentermine Pusher: You Left Your Roach Prints in Our Spam Honey Pot” seeking this person to reach out by email, say hello, and claim their prowess. I even offered 100 clams to them just for taking credit.

No response. I would think someone capable of generating anonymous, trail-less spam could manage to hook up a Hotmail account and take credit for their handiwork.

I am compelled to come clean in that I was bluffing a bit about getting help from a so-called “International Spam Counter Attack Force (SCAF)”– that was a total fabrication, but if someone wants to create on, I am in full support. So Mr Phentermine Pusher, I really have no influence, I cannot hack your bank accounts or have your phone service cancelled, and am not even smart enough to figure out how that is done.

So I lied, but I also maybe feel assured if you were a bit cautious for a few days…. I doubt it.

One anonymous emailer did hint at having information that a top Google Ranking was worth several orders of magnitude (per month) more than I was offering– that alone is a scary and sobering thought if true.

So I have tried taunting the spammer, and bluffing the spammer, so what is next? Should I aim for flattery?

Actually I think it would be interesting to do an email interview or just get back some sense of what a day in the life of a spammer is…I am soooooo curious. If you are out there, Oh Mighty, Powerful, Clever, Endowed Phentermine Spammer, how about shedding some light on the glory of your works? Let me know, say:

* How many hours a day do you spend spamming? How long have you been doing it?

* Is it a full time job, e.g. can you make a living of it? Is it rewarding? How much do you really make?

* Where do you spam from (e.g. home? a cafe? a workplace?)

* Do you get free samples of the products you push? (The beastiality folks can keep that info to themselves).

* Is there a thrill of the kill, of say achieving a mass insertion of links on one site? Is there a victory dance?

* How did you learn to spam? What got you into the spamming business?

* Do your friends know you are a spammer? If not, what do you tell them what you do for a living?

Well, I have so much curiosity about the Secret Life of Spammers, I hope you really will step forward and share what it’s like. I will make your psuedonym famous…. C’mon, be a player. You can email me or heck, wy not just spam by blog with your answers? It is not that hard to do ;-)

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  1. “If you are out there, Oh Mighty, Powerful, Clever, Endowed Ph*ent-erm*ne Spammer, how about shedding some light on the glory of your works?”

    My works are many, and profound, they light up the universe with vibrant upstanding… whoa, hold it Alan, you trance’d me into some projection there, wacky….. ;-)

    I ran across chongqed.org today, and it seems useful… they basically encourage damaged bloggers and wiki-ers to link spam attacks back to their site… turning the tables on the spammers via their own means. Useful to you…?


  2. Hola JD, it is always nice to cross paths again. Maybe I was summoning you after all!

    FYI, On a spur of the lark visit to Macromedia in 1995 or 1996, John got me on the beta test of the very first version of Shockwave, the first macomedia multimedia technology for the web browser– it kept me busy in my “nojava” shop:


    I think I have zipped past of furled chongqed a few weeks ago– it is an interesting approach, but does not seem workable in the long haul. It takes a lot of time to assemble the info for a submission (I just spent 10 minutes doing one spammed wiki page), and you still end up clutttering your content by mention of spammers.

    I am still holding out for a magical death ray gun.

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