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From the Feedback Grab Bag

Feedback is a mixed bag, and one lessons I may have learned is that you are never going to please an audience as wide as the one on the web. So among the many places we collect feedback, some recent ones have just caught my eye. First, from our Writing HTML tutorial, we have more than 3500 feedback messages assembled over the last 10 years. And we do not just keep the nice ones, added soon will be today’s gem:

I hate your projects that you let mingus use I think that they are pointless and they really have no reason for being availuable to students who dont know what they are doing????? So if I were you I would take it out.

Sorry, you are not me, and your opinion is in a small minority, so as they say, “fuggedaboudit”.

Next, one of my favorite Maricopa Learning eXchange packages is the Economics webquest based on supply and demand of human kidneys which is about:

This webquest is designed to get students to consider the application of economic tools to nontraditional areas. I mean, supply and demand of basketball tickets is one thing, but kidneys…

Anyhow, Mary McGlasson writes that she has gotten at least two messages where people have missed the point of the Package and aim to offer some kidneys:

“I am a 36 year old healthy female who is interested in selling my kidney. Please contact me at xxx-YYYZZZZ. My name is Zzzz Vxxxxx and I live in Zzzzzzzz. Thank you.”

No, we are not that kind of exchange! Mary writes me:

This is the second person who has tried to post an ad to sell a kidney on this package. I’m not sure if I should be encouraged that people are making their way to the eXchange, or just disturbed . . . anyway, it’s a good thing that you’ve given us the capability to hide/delete comments, since kidney sales are illegal. I wonder if I ought to add a disclaimer somewhere to that package . . . ? It’s hard to know what to say, since I’ve already stated that such sales are illegal in the US in the body text.

As odd as these kinds of feedbacks seem, they are a breath of fresh, human air compared to the slugs of spam we sometimes wade through. Gotta love good or bad feedback.

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