Larry, Curly, or Moe on the Server Install

I had planned this afternoon to be a good quiet time to do a clean install on our office’s in house server. I cannot complain about the sorts of problems Brian wrote about as mine seem a bit, well self inflicted.

The server in question is a G4 OS X server that is mainly for keeping copies of office project files and databases (which are fiendlishly backed up), and some quiet QuickTime Streaming and web server alternative sites for our main web. A bunch of voodoo things happened last Spring with the 10.2 — 10.3 update (I was lazy and did not do it cleanly), as I have been unable to run any update past 10.3.2, Safari barfs on its own bookmarks, new folders are created with funny permissions…. just annoying stuff but not something that was doom-like.

So today, the office was empty because of a major event, perfect time. Backed everything up (total) to a new spare hard drive. Got all the various preference files copies. Exported the user account info. The first install stumbled on disk 2 (somewhere in the ServerAdmin package) and was toast. There went 35 minutes. I went back to stage zero, did a low level reformat (crossing fingers), and 45 minutes later the server was running sweetly, and the 10.3.7 updates were chugging in.

Until I slapped my head in Stooge fashion when I realized I had managed to install the whole shebang NOT on the internal hard drive, but one of the external firewire drives that I use for one backup. Yikes. I was trying to figure out out to move the whole thing when I realized it would be fool hardy, so again, I am back at stage 0, doing yet another install.

Yuck, yuck yuck, I am today, Larry, Moe, and Curly rolled into one package. That’s me, what a maroon (bugs-cast)

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