We interrupt the regular stream of yammering about rss, wikis, flickr, tags, learning objects, eportfolios, spam (actually it’s been a while for that, don’t ask why) for something meaningful to me (well it is my blog).

It’s been more than 3 months since my companion and subject for the “dog” part of this site, Mickey, the Labrador Retriever, left the house. I must have gotten more comments from that (sans phentermine related items) than anything else written here, so blogs are need not just be about the “news” we write.

It was a week or so ago, I quietly brought Mickey’s graphic back from the 70% transparency at the CpgDogBlog masthead.

I finally got around to working up a tribute to a sweet dog who had a short life– see Mickey’s Tribute or see the story in pictures (also at flickr).

Dogs (and cat too I guess) get right in your heart.

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  1. Oh how your tribute to Mickey made me hooowl !! So sorry and so sad, Alan, but what a beautiful tribute. Rainbow bridge reference just turned the taps on afresh !

  2. I was so sorry to hear about Mickey’s beautiful yet incredibly tragic life. Mickey is beautiful and lives on. The spirit of Mickey is still definitely alive in cogdogblog … Thank you for sharing.

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