Apologies again, as this server, also the host of Feed2Js, went south for about 10 hours Friday night – Saturday morning, just like last week. I had found in the server logs where the services were crashing, but nothing to indicate a cause nor why it was able to restore itself. Given it occurred at the same time, I am suspecting a back up application I set up on the XServe I am using until a new copy of Retrospect arrives. I vow to isolate it this week, as I am away from town the next 2 weekends.

If anyone has been trying to reach me by email, our system’s email is gone haywire too, I think, with some switchover to a new “secure” email. The inbox has slowed to a trickle, and all my messages to people in our system get bounced. The only thing getting in is spam. Go figure. Maybe I should not have barked about our IT folks (which is coming up on 7 days unable to satisfy a request for a simple chmod on a directory).

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