Another Novel Use for A Blog

Yet another exmaple to show that weblogs can be more than just a place for teen diaries and cat fetishes, Steven Cohen has hoisted a presentation into Blogger format- see “Staying Ahead of Your Patrons With Weblogs and RSS”.

Is it anything different than a garden variety PowerPoint slide show? No, not in terms of content- it is a linear series of bullet point screens, some with hyperlinks.

But is that novel? Yes, because instead of pushing out a 3 Mb PowerPoint by email, it is just a few k to send a URL. Plus it can be updated later. Plus it can be made available to those not in the room and will be there for a long time. Plus it can get comments from others. Can your PowerPoint do that?

But where is the familiar blue background, the cool screen builds, wipe transitions and woosh sounds? No comment.

I just enjoy seeing blogs used for un-intended purposes, and given Steven’s content, it is the ideal vehicle to present information about blogs.

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