Spam Slithered in the MT Cracks

Worrisome. I just got Movable Type (2.661) comment spam on entries in one of my blogs where the database has been set via comment closing routines to turn the allow comments to the value that closes them. How is it possible for the roach to sneak in? I had hoped that was a complete shutoff.

I stomped the roach swiftly with the steel toed boots (it just made that slimy soft crunching spineless sound) and have updated Blacklists (10,000th iteration).

Update: My error, these were Trackback spams. Gotta shut down those old ones.

Update: I just mass closed Trackbacks on a bunch of old blogs that are not used by attract the roaches. Done via direct MySQL statements (thanks phpMyAdmin):

where XX= the database ID for the blog (browse the mt_blog table to grab these).

Next, I turned off trackbacks older than September 1, 2005:

STOMP! goes the boot!

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