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Real Life Quotes From the Bicycle Lane

This really happened. I promise.

While biking home tonight, I came up on what I took to be a father riding along side a boy, perhaps 10 or younger. As my speed was greater, as I approached, Dad swung out far to the left, so I had to pass between the two. Dad says

How ya doing? Just trying to show my boy the rules of the road!

That was not encouraging, considering Dad was lacking a bike helmet and chatting on his cell phone.

I must have the wrong set of rules, again.

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  1. I recently encountered a dad and a five or six year old daughter hiking up Piestewa Peak’s main trail. There are areas of the trail that are rather steep, narrow, and fraught with loose rock. It’s easy to slip and lose your balance. The dad had the little girl on his shoulders, wearing no helmet, and was holding onto her with one hand and talking on a cell phone with the other hand. He seemed pretty distracted by his conversation. If he had dropped her, she could have been seriously injured. Sometimes I wonder about people …

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