Thanks Will- Energizing One EduBlogger at A Time

A “web good dog” to Will Richardson for sharing a link to his Learning Times presentation– see Now THAT Was Fun…and Educational (What a Concept!). His blogging/RSS presentation is available for FREE as a streaming audio narrated show, where he is able to talk over and demo things like Bloglines, etc.

But the cool thing that happened was when one of my Ocotillo co-Chair colleagues (Hi Donna ;-) told me today that Will’s presentation clicked in with her. I’ve been nudging/nagging our folks to blog everything possible and in the moment as not only a record for them of their work on the projects, but as a public “face” to their projects, and as a thinking grounds. She told me:

I have about 500 people telling me it only takes 2 minutes to blog (that adds up!)- but I always put it aside as something to get back to “eventually” But now I see why! I am hooked on RSS as well.

One convert at a time, Will. Way to go.

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