A Lamb Comes to Phoenix

Some might squint at my ethics, but by an interesting sequence of events, this Friday Brian Lamb is coming to Maricopa for a Dialogue Day on Learning objects, Wikis, and Other Curious Things. Brian and I have done a number of great collaborations since we both started chatting at one of those stale lecture format conferences, and have done some (I think) great work since then.

So I was rather agreeable when Lisa Young, co-chair of our Ocotillo Learning Objects Action Group, e-mailed me a few months back and said:

I’ve been reading a lot of great articles and blog posts by this guy at University of British Columbia and I think we would make an excellent speaker. Do you think we can bring him to Maricopa?

Sure, no problem!

So while Brian writes Far more disjointed than usual. It’s yet another cry for help…, we’re lining up an audience of faculty, staff, and a few administrators to get his spin on learning objects, and as we hope, to go a bit farther into the new waters of folksonomies, wikis, RSS, etc. Some who read CogDogBlog may have the notion that things I write about are growing like desert wildflowers across our system, but like everywhere else, these things take a while to sprout, A long while. There is likely no one in our system that will register if you ask them about “Rip. Mix. Feed.”… a aoncept I have player with more externally than internally.

But it will be good- our Dialogue Days are built to be short on long lectures, and long ion discussion, ands on activities, etc. And we are in good hands for something interesting.

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