Amazing Amazon Amaztpye

This is just plain cool, perhaps not essentially useful but plainly cool. Amaztype

Amaztype is using Amazon web services. Created by Keita Kitamura & Yugo Nakamura for Tha Ltd.

Well that does not exactly explain it. You type in a keyword search for Amazon (US, Japan, UK, Canada) for books or music by either title or author. So what’s the big deal? Well the results pop up as the graphics icons of the book/album cover. So what? Well as the icons appear, the are laid out to form the letters of your search. For example, I did a US book title search for “Dog” and get this result:


That’s cute, right? But then click on any cover, and you get a zoom in and some meta-data:


And the “more info” leads you to one of the more classic works of fiction ;-)

Well, it is just plain neat…

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